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St. Lawrence Market – A better way to shop

20 Apr

St. Lawrence Market

Friday afternoon is always my time to clean and do groceries to get ready for the weekend. Yesterday I decided to make the trip to St. Lawrence Market in Toronto for some fresh fish and ingredients for ceviche. My dad is a huge fisherman so we always make ceviche with freshly caught fish when we are in Florida. This was my first time making ceviche on my own and I think it turned out quite nice. It was super easy to make, you just have to make sure you leave enough time for it to sit and “cook” before eating. The St. Lawrence Market in Toronto is one of the best Markets in the world and a great place to get high quality meat, fish and vegetables. Every time I buy vegetables from there I’m surprised by how much cheaper it is.

Seafood Counter St. Lawrence

Here’s what you need:

Red snapper fillet (deboned)

3 Lemons

2 Limes

Red onion

1 tomato


1-2 Jalapeno



Here’s how to make it:

First juice the lemon and lime into a large bowl, the acid from the lemon and lime are what cook the fish. Slice the fish into small 1 inch bite size pieces and put them into the bowl. Chop your onion, tomato, jalapeno and cilantro and add them to the bowl too. Put your ceviche in the fridge for 4-6 hours and right before eating slice up about half an avocado and add it on the side. This is such an easy fresh tasting recipe for an appetizer or a whole meal. Enjoy!

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Review on the Barre Method Workout

11 Mar

What is it? The Barre method of workout was inspired by dancers and first started in the United States. I first became introduced to this method of workout when I was down in Atlanta Georgia visiting my sister. I had heard her talking about this workout for a long time, to me it seemed overpriced and I wasn’t sure what could be so great about it, I attended a Pure Barre class with her and  quickly started to love this style of workout after I felt the burn the next day. Recently there have been a few studios popping up in Toronto, I will be reviewing the two that I have tried. Both studios offer a variety of ballet inspired workouts and are a very challenging fun workout.

Barreworks http://www.barreworks.ca

The Studio: Located on Queen and Bathurst in Toronto, Barreworks is a beautiful newly finished studio, very clean and friendly. I have been attending Barreworks classes since August 2012 and have become totally obsessed! I love the positive, energetic, friendly environment when I enter the studio. From the very first time I showed up for a class the instructors made an effort to try and remember my name. Both instructors and fellow class takers seem to be very young, in their low to mid 20’s. Classes are fun and studio often has “theme nights”. Something that I really like about Barreworks is that they offer a wide variety of classes that take place after 7 pm during the work week, perfect for young professionals like me that cannot make it to the early morning or daytime classes.

Barreworks studio

Image taken from Barreworks Facebook

The Workout: This workout is fun, challenging and full body, we work legs, Abs and Arms. Each class the instructors push us to work harder. There are a variety of classes to change it up too. The Mixed level and BAAArre classes are most comparable to what Barre Beautiful offers, but if you like Yoga and Spinning they also offer those classes with part of the class at the barre.

Image taken from Barreworks Facebook

Image taken from Barreworks Facebook

Barre Beautiful http://www.barrebeautiful.com

The Studio: Located at Younge and Eglington in Toronto. This studio just opened in February so it is fairly new. I wanted to try something new to change things up and your first class is free! The studio was easy to find and beautiful on the inside. The staff were very friendly and relaxed. They even have a child care room if you have young kids, it is hard to tell so early but I think there will be a lot more mothers who attend will this studio because of that.


The Workout: I signed up for the 8 am Saturday morning Basic Barre class, we focused almost entirely on legs with a little bit of abs and arms. My legs were burning by the end of class. Some of the movements were very fast and it was hard to keep perfect form. I am sure after a few classes I could get used to the speed. After class the owner had sliced apples waiting for us, this was a really nice touch.

Fit Girl Nutrition

Barre method is all about small movements, repetition and building a long, lean, toned body. We stretch during the workout to help achieve these lean muscles and use small weights with lots of repetition to tone the muscles instead of building bulk, this is what most women are looking for when working out but do not know how to achieve it on their own. I can definitely see a difference in body from doing these workouts and do not want to go back to the traditional group fitness classes you would get a gym. I highly suggest you check out either of these workouts if you are looking for something new to shock your body!

Don’t live in Toronto? There are lots of Barre Method at home workouts you can purchase online. I love having fitness DVDs for travel and when I just don’t feel like leaving the house! You can see my review on the Pure Barre DVDs here. 

Their newest DVD is called Studio Series – I have reviewed that one too 🙂

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