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Yoga Tree Vaughan

21 Feb

yoga tree vaughan

Yoga Tree Vaughan

Yoga tree is a chain of yoga studios down town Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan. I have been going to the Yoga Tree Vaughan location for the past month.



The Studio beautiful and spacious. They have a very nice open sitting area for before and after class where you can enjoy some complimentary hot herbal and green tea. The locker room is spacious with showers available for after class. Towels for class and mats can be rented, but towels for the showers cannot.

yoga tree

The Classes

You do not have to worry about signing up online before class, they leave spots open for walk ins and I have never had a problem finding a spot.  I signed up for their 30 days unlimited intro for $40 so have had a chance to try out a bunch of their classes. My favourite teacher at the studio is Jen, she teaches a more challenging class where you feel like you really worked at the end. I am usually sore after her classes and I love the feeling of being sore! Jen also teaches a free Lululemon Community Class on Fridays at Yoga Tree at 6:45 pm. Check our Lululemon Vaughan Mills Facebook Page for updates on their community class locations.

Yoga Tree Vaughan has two classrooms, “fire” is the Hot Yoga room and “Flow” is for all other classes. They have a reduced heat class too, great for someone that has never done a hot class before! The reduced heat is 28 Celsius, still really warm and you still get sweaty but it is not as sweltering as a full fledge hot class.

I will definitely continue coming to this studio even after my intro package is expired!

Iam Hot Yoga Toronto

8 Sep

Iam Hot Yoga Toronto

Iam hot yoga toronto

Iam yoga offers a large selection of hot yoga classes including flow, core, meditation, I even saw a “Hangover Hatha” class on the schedule offered on Sunday mornings! Iam Yoga is located on Yonge St just south of bloor. I Had received a flyer at an event for a free yoga class here a few months ago but never  managed to go until now. Every new client gets their first yoga class for free or one week unlimited for $20, I chose the free option. After your first class drop in classes are $20 each or $160 for one month unlimited and various other packages.

The Studio

The studio consisted of one large hot yoga room, a common area and change rooms. Everything was spacious and clean (I always like clean 🙂 ). They really did a nice job when they designed the studio and they take care of it well. You can rent towels or a mat for $1 and buy water if you need it. There was a lot of people hanging out in the common area when you first walk in that must have either just finished the last class or were about to start the next one, sitting on the couch and chairs. Everyone was hanging out and chatting with each other. The whole studio had a very friendly vibe, there seemed to be a lot of regulars.


All classes are hot but the class I attended was a detox flow, taught by Juliana Belinko. Detox yoga classes involve a lot of twisting poses that improve circulation and functioning of the lymphatic system. I could tell that Juliana was a very experienced teacher, her class was one of the best I have been to. I felt the class was very challenging but I was still able to keep up. Towards the end of the class I could feel my heart beating so fast and the sweat was building up on my mat I wanted to take a break but I kept going. Sometimes during a hot class I don’t feel like I got enough of a workout as I would have liked to get but this class was perfect. My core felt really sore the next day proving that I worked hard.

I would really like to go back to this studio and try another one of their classes from the big selection. I will post any updates I have on the studio once I go back.

You can view Iam Hot Yoga’s schedule and read more about the studio on their website:

As always any yoga class is open to yogis of all levels.

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Moksha Yoga Aurora

28 Aug

Moksha Yoga Aurora

moksha yoga aurora review

I have had some requests for a review on a Yoga studio North of the City. Over the weekend I had the chance to attend a 90 minute Moksha Yoga class in Aurora, at 9 am on a Sunday I was probably the youngest one there! The standard Moksha Yoga class is done in the hot studio.


This studio in Aurora was beautiful and super spacious! Especially compared to other yoga studios downtown. I love a clean spacious yoga studio because sometimes they can feel cramped and stuffy especially after a hot class when everyone is in one small change room.

I found the class to be very serious, an excellent workout and stretch for my body but very serious.
The room was very large with not too many people in the class which I liked, I had some space between me and the surrounding Yogis. I liked the temperature of the class, it was hot enough for me to break into a good sweat but not overwhelming. The teacher did a really nice job instructing where to go and what to do next without doing all the poses with us.

There is a $40 two week intro unlimited pass if it is your first time to the studio – a great way to try a few different classes and teachers before signing up for the full price unlimited pass.

You can check out Moksha Yoga in Aurora’s website at sign up for online classes, read about news, and their community.

Studio Review: Kula Yoga Toronto

2 Aug

Kula Yoga in Toronto 30 day $30 trial has two different studios, one in Toronto ( the annex) and then one also in Oakville. This review is on the Toronto location


Kula drop in and membership prices are relatively similar to anywhere else you go for yoga in Toronto, but they offer some great deals. The new member monthly trial is only $30, compared to some studios that have $40 monthly or $40 for two weeks, I thought this was pretty good! They also have $8 and $5 community classes multiple times a week! After I finished my 30 day trial I have just been stopping in for an $8 class here and there.

I found the studio to be less glamorous and more cramped than what I am used to at barreworks or barre beautiful. I think this is normal for a yoga studio though. There are two different rooms for the yoga classes, one is very large and spacious, usually used for the hot classes and the second is pretty small, usually used for the flow classes. I preferred using the larger room, I like having a little bit more space between me and the person next to me.


Every class I have attended at Kula so far has been good. Each teacher adds their own unique touch and you can tell that they really enjoy the practice.

Flow with Donna

– Donna always starts the class off with an idea of what we should dedicate our practice to. The first time I went to her class it was opening up for spring to come…I think it worked because the next week was followed by beautiful warm weather! The next week the word was “gratitude” even if we cannot do a pose fully we should be “grateful for the chance to try” she repeated this throughout the class. I really love this, anyone attending a yoga class should be grateful for the chance to be there, able to be active,  engage in yoga and grateful that they have that hour of the day to dedicate their time to themselves.


– The power yoga class is the same sequence each time so you can really develop your technique and get better each time. Yoga can become addicting because you always want to go back for more to see how you can improve and to try again on a pose that you couldnt do the last time.


– The hot yoga classes at Kula are very relaxing. I had never done a hot yoga class until Kula. I was nervous about the heat because I do not normally like to be hot. During the yoga class I did not mind the heat at all! I didn’t even realize how hot I was until I looked down at my legs and sweat was streaming down. These classes are not as intense of a workout but you feel like your body is ridding of all the toxins through the sweat and flow of stretches.

Overall I would definitely recommend giving Kula a try. They have a wide variety of classes and are reasonably priced if you are on a budget! Check the schedule out here:

Studio Lagree Review

26 May

studio lagree

I have been wanting to try a reformer pilates class for a while now and heard about Studio Lagree through another blog ( Reformer pilates is done on a piece of exercise equipment that has a platform that moves back and forth on a carriage as you use your muscles for balance.


When I arrived for class I knew it was going to be a good workout but I had no idea how hard it was actually going to be! These classes are for all levels but be prepared to work and take each move slowly. There was a mixture of men and women of all ages at the studio and everyone that worked there was helpful and friendly. Before the class started I was given a little low down on how this method of workout worked since it was my first time. He told me that reformer classes are meant to be super challenging and it is not actually expected you complete the workout because you want to work your muscles towards exhaustion. The reformer workout works the slow twitch muscles, you are not trying to do as many lunges in 60 seconds or as many crunches as you can, you are aiming towards doing each move slowly and your muscles will be burning and shaking. Bianca was the instructor teaching our class, she was super friendly and in excellent shape, giving me motivation that this class works! The entire workout was 50 minutes long and went by so fast, we were so busy I did not even look at the clock.

One drop in class at Studio Lagree is $35, you can buy classes in bulk for a little less. This is quite expensive but since the workout is so intense you don’t have to go all the time. It can be something you treat your body to every other week to mix things up. They also have bananas available after class for the perfect post workout snack.

***Your first class as a trial is free and you can view their schedule and sign up online at

Studio Lagree is located on spadina just north of st. claire in Forest Hill, I recommend at least going in to try out. If you love the feeling of soreness after a new workout you will love this studio!

Review on the Barre Method Workout

11 Mar

What is it? The Barre method of workout was inspired by dancers and first started in the United States. I first became introduced to this method of workout when I was down in Atlanta Georgia visiting my sister. I had heard her talking about this workout for a long time, to me it seemed overpriced and I wasn’t sure what could be so great about it, I attended a Pure Barre class with her and  quickly started to love this style of workout after I felt the burn the next day. Recently there have been a few studios popping up in Toronto, I will be reviewing the two that I have tried. Both studios offer a variety of ballet inspired workouts and are a very challenging fun workout.


The Studio: Located on Queen and Bathurst in Toronto, Barreworks is a beautiful newly finished studio, very clean and friendly. I have been attending Barreworks classes since August 2012 and have become totally obsessed! I love the positive, energetic, friendly environment when I enter the studio. From the very first time I showed up for a class the instructors made an effort to try and remember my name. Both instructors and fellow class takers seem to be very young, in their low to mid 20’s. Classes are fun and studio often has “theme nights”. Something that I really like about Barreworks is that they offer a wide variety of classes that take place after 7 pm during the work week, perfect for young professionals like me that cannot make it to the early morning or daytime classes.

Barreworks studio

Image taken from Barreworks Facebook

The Workout: This workout is fun, challenging and full body, we work legs, Abs and Arms. Each class the instructors push us to work harder. There are a variety of classes to change it up too. The Mixed level and BAAArre classes are most comparable to what Barre Beautiful offers, but if you like Yoga and Spinning they also offer those classes with part of the class at the barre.

Image taken from Barreworks Facebook

Image taken from Barreworks Facebook

Barre Beautiful

The Studio: Located at Younge and Eglington in Toronto. This studio just opened in February so it is fairly new. I wanted to try something new to change things up and your first class is free! The studio was easy to find and beautiful on the inside. The staff were very friendly and relaxed. They even have a child care room if you have young kids, it is hard to tell so early but I think there will be a lot more mothers who attend will this studio because of that.


The Workout: I signed up for the 8 am Saturday morning Basic Barre class, we focused almost entirely on legs with a little bit of abs and arms. My legs were burning by the end of class. Some of the movements were very fast and it was hard to keep perfect form. I am sure after a few classes I could get used to the speed. After class the owner had sliced apples waiting for us, this was a really nice touch.

Fit Girl Nutrition

Barre method is all about small movements, repetition and building a long, lean, toned body. We stretch during the workout to help achieve these lean muscles and use small weights with lots of repetition to tone the muscles instead of building bulk, this is what most women are looking for when working out but do not know how to achieve it on their own. I can definitely see a difference in body from doing these workouts and do not want to go back to the traditional group fitness classes you would get a gym. I highly suggest you check out either of these workouts if you are looking for something new to shock your body!

Don’t live in Toronto? There are lots of Barre Method at home workouts you can purchase online. I love having fitness DVDs for travel and when I just don’t feel like leaving the house! You can see my review on the Pure Barre DVDs here. 

Their newest DVD is called Studio Series – I have reviewed that one too 🙂

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