Pure Barre DVD Studio Series 2 Review

4 Oct

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Pure Barre DVD Studio Series

Do you like to workout but never seem to have time to go to the gym or a class? That’s me! Sometimes I just don’t have time in my schedule to go to a workout class, plus they can be so expensive!

I have been doing Pure Barre DVD’s for a while now and finally received the newest Pure Barre DVD, Studio Series 2.  I ordered this when it first came out but sent it to my sisters place in the US for cheaper shipping.

It has been over a year now since my first Pure Barre DVD purchase and I’m beginning to get tired of the same routine. I was so excited to try the new DVD I wanted to test it out Sunday night when I got home from my trip but my legs were still burning from the Saturday morning in studio class we attended.

So this brings me to Monday night, I finally to try the DVD! Is this bad I look forward to this kind of torture?

So what is my rating of the new Studio Series DVD? I would give it about a 7/10.


41 minutes

The Pure Barre Workout

DVD opens with the same warmup, abs and arms, 3 thigh exercises, 2 seat exercises and ends with abs and a stretch.

The warmup and abs portion at the end of the DVD is VERY similar to Flat Irons DVDs I already own. I was expected a little more variety. There was one seat exercise that I found particularly hard, I have heard it is called “the pretzel” I’ll need some practice on this one.


I always get my moneys worth with all these DVDs so its worth the purchase! They are not that expensive, I haven’t found the new one on Amazon yet but you can purchase the Pure Barre DVD on their website for $24.95.

You can find more reviews on Pure Barre DVD’s in a previous post here.


2 Responses to “Pure Barre DVD Studio Series 2 Review”

  1. Pamalama October 5, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

    I agree with you FitGirl, DVD’s are a great value and I always get my money out of them too! I love to do them when the weather is bad and I don’t want to go anywhere but I need to get off the couch! I will definitely check out the Pure Barre DVD’s.


  1. Review on the Barre Method Workout | Fitness Toronto - October 11, 2013

    […] Their newest DVD is called Studio Series – I have reviewed that one too […]

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