Studio Review: Kula Yoga Toronto

2 Aug

Kula Yoga in Toronto 30 day $30 trial has two different studios, one in Toronto ( the annex) and then one also in Oakville. This review is on the Toronto location


Kula drop in and membership prices are relatively similar to anywhere else you go for yoga in Toronto, but they offer some great deals. The new member monthly trial is only $30, compared to some studios that have $40 monthly or $40 for two weeks, I thought this was pretty good! They also have $8 and $5 community classes multiple times a week! After I finished my 30 day trial I have just been stopping in for an $8 class here and there.

I found the studio to be less glamorous and more cramped than what I am used to at barreworks or barre beautiful. I think this is normal for a yoga studio though. There are two different rooms for the yoga classes, one is very large and spacious, usually used for the hot classes and the second is pretty small, usually used for the flow classes. I preferred using the larger room, I like having a little bit more space between me and the person next to me.


Every class I have attended at Kula so far has been good. Each teacher adds their own unique touch and you can tell that they really enjoy the practice.

Flow with Donna

– Donna always starts the class off with an idea of what we should dedicate our practice to. The first time I went to her class it was opening up for spring to come…I think it worked because the next week was followed by beautiful warm weather! The next week the word was “gratitude” even if we cannot do a pose fully we should be “grateful for the chance to try” she repeated this throughout the class. I really love this, anyone attending a yoga class should be grateful for the chance to be there, able to be active,  engage in yoga and grateful that they have that hour of the day to dedicate their time to themselves.


– The power yoga class is the same sequence each time so you can really develop your technique and get better each time. Yoga can become addicting because you always want to go back for more to see how you can improve and to try again on a pose that you couldnt do the last time.


– The hot yoga classes at Kula are very relaxing. I had never done a hot yoga class until Kula. I was nervous about the heat because I do not normally like to be hot. During the yoga class I did not mind the heat at all! I didn’t even realize how hot I was until I looked down at my legs and sweat was streaming down. These classes are not as intense of a workout but you feel like your body is ridding of all the toxins through the sweat and flow of stretches.

Overall I would definitely recommend giving Kula a try. They have a wide variety of classes and are reasonably priced if you are on a budget! Check the schedule out here:


One Response to “Studio Review: Kula Yoga Toronto”

  1. Patty Davidson August 2, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    I love your reviews but I live up in King City, are there good yoga studios up here that you would recommend?

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