Beets, Beets, Beets!

15 Mar


Yes beets, my new obsession. Beets have always been one of those foods that I was afraid to try. Recently I ordered an arugula salad at restaurant that had beets in it, and I thought it was delicious! I have since then been recreating my own version of the salad and doing a little bit of research on how beets are good for you.


Here’s what I found:

Beets are a natural cleanser for the body and really good for getting rid of toxins.

They are high in folic acid this is something our body needs to keep producing healthy new cells.

Great source of dietary fibre, fibre is a big component of digestion and helps to keep things flowing through your system.

High in magnesium which is needed by the body for proper muscle and nerve functioning and helps maintain a healthy immune system to fight disease!

My beet salad recipe:

Baby arugula or mixed greens, dark greens are better, the dark colour means more nutrients like iron, women need lots of iron!

Toasted pecans

Sliced pickled beets from a jar

Sliced avocado – great source of vitamin B for healthy hair

Sprinkled bits of goat cheese on top

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